Sleep experts say that during night body burns almost 200-400 calories. This is almost equal to an hour-long exercise. To maximize this benefit, you need to stick to some of the habits during sleep. Here are some tips to consider before you go to sleep if you want to lose weight with minimal effort.

1- Have a protein snack

protein food

Studies show that there is no harm snacking before you go to sleep but only if you do that right. Going for food that has abundant protein, like low-fat cottage cheese, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt can increase the metabolic rate of your body and help muscles grow.

2- Physical Exercise before sleep

woman doing exercise on mat

Physical exercise is the best way to burn calories and boost the body’s metabolism before you go to sleep. Many types of exercises are suggested by the experts; however, resistance training has proven to be best for fat burning. Weight lifting and swimming are considered to be the best late-night exercises as you don’t feel too worked up and at the same time burn enough calories.

3- Drink Herbal Tea

a cup of herbal tea

Herbal tea is one of the many weight loss drinks. Many types of herbal tea are available that help you reduce weight at night. Natural herbal teas can reduce your weight in different ways and even make you fit. Cinnamon combats inflammation, peppermint lessens appetite and chamomile improves digestion and relaxes the nerves. Herbal tea is also helpful in losing belly fat.

4- Keep your gadgets away at night

man holding gadgets

Melatonin hormone is responsible for making you sleep but unstable routine disturbs its production. Excessive harmful light from our smartphones and tablets delays production of melatonin production thus making it difficult to fall asleep and you wake up tired. Blue light from our gadgets has been proven harmful.

Try to keep away from your gadgets at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Use a paper book instead of a tab and soon you’ll feel sleepy.

5- Keep your bedroom cold

man setting temprature of the room

Experts suggest that a cold bedroom at night boost your metabolism. Studies have shown that a cooler environment stimulates beige fat, which is responsible for thermoregulation. When you sleep in a cold room, your body starts burning more energy to balance the temperature. This is the reason that sleeping in a cold room helps you lose weight.

6- Avoid unscheduled sleep

woman sleeping at workplace

Unscheduled and interrupted sleep causes excessive weight gain. Sleep is linked to the production of the hormone melatonin that activates beige fat cells which in turn help burn calories.

If you have unscheduled and interrupted sleep it reduces the release of melatonin production and deprives you of quality sleep. That’s why going to bed and waking up at the same time is very important if you want to lose weight.

7- Stop worrying, start eating

worried man sitting on bed having insomnia

Depression and worrying too much can also lead to Insomnia. Depression causes the increase in cortisol level thus provoking inflammation and oxidative stress. Consuming a healthy diet at night can reduce the chances of cortisol production. Foods having amino acids regulate the production of serotonin and help in getting better sleep overnight. Consume amino-acid rich food such as turkey, tofu, nuts, skinless chicken breast to increase the production of serotonin level. The less you stress, the more are the chances of better sleep and weight loss.

8- Make your bed

clean bedroom

Everybody like a neat and clean environment. Ever wonder how a neat, clean and well-made bed could tempt you? A well-made bed relaxes the brain nerves and incite better sleep. Use neat and clean bedsheets and pillow covers. Bed sheets should be tucked to mattress properly. Pillows should not be too soft nor too hard. Relax your legs by keeping a pillow under your legs if needed. The bed mattress should not give you back pain. Use light-colored bed and pillow sheets and keep a folded comforter in case you need it in the night. All these bed-making techniques can help you get better sleep and you lose weight quickly.

9- Avoid drinking before bedtime

man says no to alchohol

Drinking alcohol before your bedtime can deprive you of quality sleep, this happens because your body takes time to break down the sugar in alcohol thus disrupts your sleep pattern. A study at Melbourne university indicates that the disruptions in your mind wave pattern after you drink at night is similar to those generated by low electric shock. So avoid nightcaps from now to get proper sleep.

10- Consume dairy products

dairy products

Many of us get up midnight for snaking and eating. Consuming dairy before bedtime can reduce midnight food cravings. Eating or drinking dairy also builds muscles while we sleep thus increases the metabolic rate and burn calories. Dairy is considered as a weight loss diet. So why not try eating yogurt and drinking milk before bed?

11- Take a bath

woman taking bath and relaxing herself

Taking bath before you go to sleep also helps in weight loss. You can add a little salt and oil in your bathtub and relax or take a shower with light hot water. Use a good smelling body wash and massage your body gently. Apply moisturizer on after bath so your body is not itchy and dry. This helps your body relax and is a good stress reliever.

12- Wear comfortable clothes

woman wearing comfortable clothes

Always wear soft and comfortable clothes while you go to bed. Cotton or satin made clothes are more suitable for sleep clothes. This will help you move freely and breathe properly while you sleep. Avoid tight clothes and clothes that cause itching to get better sleep.

13- Allow bedroom ventilation

bedroom with ventilation

There should be a proper ventilation system in your bedroom. tightly closed rooms with no passage of fresh air are not suitable for sleeping. Keep your door and windows open at least two times a day to allow fresh air in the room.

14- Turn Off the lights

woman turning off lights

Sleeping with On bedroom lights is not a healthy routine. Turn Off the lights before you go to bed. It helps pineal gland of the body to release hormone melatonin. Melatonin hormone acts as a stress reliever and helps in quality sleep and sleep time.

15- Use blue lights

blue light bulb

For someone who cannot sleep in the dark, blue night lamp is very useful. Its light color tends to induce sleep. Blue light produces the sleep hormone melatonin more than any other light so it is useful to get good sleep if you don’t want to sleep in dark.

So, those were 15 bedtime habits that help you get quality sleep and answer all the questions relating “how to lose weight” . Quality sleep is considered as one of the best and quickest way to lose weight. So, try to make these habits your routine and you will be surprised to see the positive brain energy and brainpower. Keep in mind these techniques only work if you get a clean diet and stay active in the day time. Make sure to spend quality daytime and turn these bedtime habits into a routine, and you will get good results. Cheers!

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