We’ve all been eating olives on the pizzas or the salads our mom makes, and sometimes we do stir fry our veggies in it, but trust me gals that’s not all! I know we’ve been reading that olive oil has may unsaturated fats, anti-inflammatory agents, cardioprotective and what not. All of this is true, but most of us already know all that. Let’s talk about some of the things I can bet that you barely knew about the Extra Virgin Olive Oil or even if it’s not so virgin, Time to dig in!

Do You Often Suffer From Irritating Digestive System?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Olive Oil is very Alimentary Canal-friendly oil. Our dining options and munching style while working and then sitting for hours make our stomach bad and carking. Irritable Bowels, Gurgles and burps make us feel awkward in every way possible. Well it’s not that of a big deal if you’ve got a bottle of this yellow-green oil in your shelf. You can add just 20-40 ml (which is equivalent to taking 1-2 tablespoons full) to milk or any of the drinks or smoothies you take. After taking it for 3-4 days or so, your system will feel better. As it allays irritation of digestive organs and improve their overall working.

Is Make-up Residue Making Your Skin Bad?

Well, there are various make-up removers and micellar waters in the market these days. But still they doesn’t work for everybody. If you’re one of them then here’s a life-changing tip you’re about to add in your daily routine! Pour a little oil on your fingertips and massage gently all over your face for a few minutes. Clean it with cotton balls or tissue and just go to sleep without washing your face. And in the morning, wake up with soft, smooth and glowing skin!

Are You Lean or Getting Old?

Then make it a habit to massage Olive Oil on your lean muscles or all over the body. Daily for 7-10 minutes, preferably at night. Then you can take a shower in the morning and feel energetic. You can also use it to massage after the gym for muscle stiffness. It works all the time for me.

Do You Have Sleep Problems?

Do not worry my friend; Olive Oil is here to let you have a sound sleep all through the night. And you have multiple options to choose from, for the way you use it. First, you can massage with lukewarm oil for 5 minutes before going to bed. Second, put a little oil in your nares with the help of little finger(I literally mean the pinky, NOT the other little finger!). Third, massage a little on your belly button. And Fourth, massage the plantar surface of your feet for a sound sleep! Go ahead and pick the one that falls in your comfort zone.

Well now you know that this oil is worth spending your money on!

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